7 Important Components of an Outstanding Research Paper

Composing a research paper is a very useful academic task that teaches students how to conduct a study, find answers to unknown questions, and present their results in a manner understandable to others. If you’re asked to complete such an assignment for the first time, you should know what parts your paper should consist of.

Vital Elements of Any Research Paper

  1. A title.
  2. The title of your document should be informative, attention-grabbing, and short (no more than twelve words.) It’s advisable to compose the final title after the contents of your document are fully written.

  3. An introduction.
  4. This chapter should provide the background of your study, list your overall objectives, and indicate the limitations of your work. It’s also recommended to explain your key terms in the opening chapter.

  5. A literature review.
  6. Here, you should inform the reader about the school or schools of thought that you’ve based your study upon. Mention the main textual materials that you’ve consulted during your work and write briefly about their authors.

  7. A methodology description.
  8. In this chapter, you should thoroughly explain what actions you’ve committed to achieve your aims. Make sure to provide very detailed descriptions so that any reader can accurately replicate your study.

  9. A presentation and analysis of data.
  10. Now, you should provide the outcomes of your research. Combine textual explanations with tables or graphs to make your presentation more illustrative. Then, discuss the significance the found data.

  11. A conclusion.
  12. This section should serve as a summation of all your points. Indicate who will benefit from your investigation. A good conclusion should also suggest several ways to continue the study that you’ve started.

  13. A bibliography.
  14. At the end of your paper, you should have a full list of books, academic works, articles, and online sources that you’ve used in your study. It should be organized under the alphabetical order.

Whom to Ask for Help with Creating Your Research Paper

If you’re afraid that you won’t be able to succeed on your own, you should approach other people to assist you with your project. The most obvious thing is to regularly visit your instructor so that they can check whether you’re doing everything correctly.
You may also find a good academic tutor who will supervise your work indicating your mistakes and explaining how to correct and avoid them.
It’s also good to use the services of a professional editor for the final revising of your entire text. There can be plenty of mistakes in your paper that you might miss.


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